Viu More at the Maintenance Expo Antwerp

Viu More Speaks about Augmented Reality at the Maintenance Expo Antwerp


We are proud that Benny Lauwers - Digital Architect & Co-Founder ViuMore - has been invited to talk on the Maintenance expo. He will there share his experience about augmented reality.

Thursday 28 march 2019. Starting at 13h30.

Antwerp Expo - Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 191, BE-2020 Antwerp


“Augmented Reality in the industry,
a hype, disillusionment or digital revolution?”


The hype created around augmented reality has meanwhile fortunately subsided. Finally we can ask the question whether we are an illusion poorer or, on the contrary, we are facing a new revolution. In this masterclass Benny Lauwers of Viu More will bring the honest truth about the current state of affairs with regard to augmented reality in the industry, what has survived the hype, what has finally been referred to the world of gimmicks, what is realistic today and what challenges there are to make the hype completely true. This masterclass will be concluded by Kevin Visser, Product Manager ABB Ability, who will explain how ABB today deals with the technology of augmented reality.

Jan Meynen