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Some of our work at a glance

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Gas bottle detection at Renewi

Product-to-waste company Renewi prevents explosions, fires and injuries by automating the detection of gas bottles and other explosive packagings.

Watch case movie

Watch case on #weetikveel on Belgian national TV


Inline Quality Control at Veranneman Technical Textiles

Veranneman Technical Textiles, part of Sioen Industries, is using AI driven inline quality control to inspect every millimeter of fabric on weft defects.

Watch case movie


Packaging inspection at Nukamel

Nukamel is using inline quality control to inspect the correct closing of milk powder bags in their production facility in Weert.


Intelligent Trucks at Renewi

Garbage collection trucks at Renewi take pictures of every unloading of a container to gather insights about the waste collection, source sorting effort of their clients and uses the data to optimize their overall business.

Read case story on Renewi website

WeInspect helm.jpg

Pylon inspection at Iris Industry Solutions

Operators at Iris Industry Solutions are equipped with smart glasses on their helmets that offer them handsfree inspection tools when they inspect pylons for their grid customers.

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Scenario Driven Safety at Renewi

SHEQ managers at Renewi gain safety insights by a system that detects the correct use of Personal Protection Equipment, vehicle-person distance and the use of walking lanes.


High speed filament inspection at Beaulieu Technical Textiles

Beaulieu Technical Textiles is improving overall quality of fabrics that are being produced with flat filaments.  The inline quality inspection follow the filaments at high speed and detects twists and breaks before they break the waterproof aspects of the product.

See high speed process in action

Cases: Producten

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