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Safe and efficient processes

We’re experts in building Industrial Solutions with Image Processing Sensors and AI Technology for Recycling, Technical Textiles and other industries.

✔  Increase the security and efficiency of your sites

✔  Make smarter decisions and investments 

✔  Become a frontrunner in innovation

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See how we…

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Prevent expensive gas bottle explosions for Renewi

Improve textile quality for Sioen Veranneman Technical Textiles

Inspect food packaging defects for Nukamel

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Do you have a challenge for us?

Waste Management

Waste Management &

Are you still manually detecting dangerous goods like gas bottles and batteries?

Are you missing objective insights to identify the different flows of waste?

Do you have big ambitions for sustainability and the circular economy?


Technical Textiles &
Food Production

Are you struggling to find the cause behind specific production errors?

Are you missing rich data to determine the quality of your product?

Do you want to make better decisions and investments for the future?

Let our team of experts solve your business challenges through practical technology!

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Your situation is unique,
so you deserve a unique solution.

Most technology providers like to offer off-the-shelf solutions and prioritize state-of-the-art technology. This results in expensive products that often don’t solve the initial problem. 

We believe technologies like image processing and AI are only a tool. That’s why we start from your business challenge, not the technical solution. 

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We build Industrial Solutions with Image Processing Sensors and AI Technologies

Discover how we can help you be at the forefront of innovation:


MultiPoint Inline Quality Control

✔  Improve your overall quality and efficiency
✔  Automate multipoint quality inspection
✔  Integrate with your existing machinery 
✔  Offer real-time operator insights

Object and material detection

✔  Spot anomalies
✔  Detect dangerous goods like gas bottles and batteries
✔  Get insights on your in- and outputs

Safety Enhancement

✔  Generate anonymous and objective data about your safety measurements

✔  Optimize your protocols for a safer working environment

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Why our clients love working with us

  • We focus on solving business challenges, not just building software. That’s why we always start from scratch and only build custom tailor-made solutions that make a positive impact in your business.

  • We are experts in image processing and AI but only use specific technology when it’s necessary.

  • You don’t need huge budgets and long decision time. We always start with a confined Proof of Concept, iterate on the build and scale on request. 

  • Our clients call us their “trusted advisor” because we focus on working together. We’re highly involved in every step of the process, always available for questions.

  • Our team is not made up of young adults eager to try out the latest innovations. We strive to find the right balance between youthful enthusiasm and seasoned expertise.

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Hear it from our clients

We are especially grateful that Viu More is not just a service provider, but works with us to strategize and implement the technology within our organization.

Sam Verbesselt from Renewi

Viu More doesn’t just sell off the shelf products but builds a custom solution that matches our problem 100%. Now we can finally make objective decisions and investments.

Jean-Luc Dejaeghere from Sioen Veranneman Technical Textiles

I’ve never seen a company this dedicated to being a trusted advisor. We’re impressed by the customer-centric approach. Viu More really knows their stuff.

Jeroen Nevelsteen from Iris Industry Group

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Interested in a free inspiration session for your leadership team?

Book a session with Jan Meynen, CEO of Viu More, to find out...

  • How to improve quality, efficiency and security with an extra pair of eyes

  • What the possibilities of AI and Image Processing Sensors are

  • How to solve complex business challenges with small budgets and proof of concepts

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Contact us

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Thank you for your request, we'll get back to you asap!

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